🔍Trade Details

The trading page has two main sections

Open Orders

Here you can see all your open limit orders waiting to be filled. These are orders which have not traded yet.


Here you can find all your open positions, these are orders that have traded and will get settled soon.

Trade History

Here you find all your historical trades, these include both filled and unfilled orders. Orders which got filled also show the realized PnL


Here you find all the asset in your wallet which are also available on Vyper. You also see summary statistics such as the Total Volume and the PnL available to be claimed

Contract details and underlying

You can also click on the 🔍 icon near each trade to get more granular data for each trade

Here you can see the contract parameters. That includes the Status (more details below), Current price (i.e. the latest oracle reported value), and the payoff details: Strike price and option Type.

Moreover, you also see the deposit expiry, which is the window when users can fund the contract, and the actual contract expiry, which is when the contract will settle and users will be able to claim back their collateral plus profits/losses. You can also see details about the collateral, which include:

  • Collateral token (in this case USDC)

  • Whether the contract has been funded, and by which side

  • How much collateral is required to fund the contract (in this case 10 USDC for the buyer and 100 USDC for the seller)

The contract status represents the state of the contract as it changes between fundings and time:

  • Unfunded: the contract was created but not funded by anyone yet

  • WTB: the contract has been funded by the Long side

  • WTS: the contract has been funded by the Short side

  • Live: the contract has been funded by both the Long and Short side

  • Settled: the contract is expired and has correctly settled, parties can now claim back collateral plus profits/losses

  • Expired: the contract hasn't been funded by both Long and Short side by the end of the deposit window. The party that did fund can now withdraw back their collatera

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