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Thanks to the flexibility of Vyper Protocol, we can list new assets faster than anyone else. If you are interested in opening a market, reach out on Discord or Twitter or check Token Listing

How to trade?

First connect your wallet using the button on the top right of the page.

Then choose your trade parameters. The process is very simple and straightforward. You just have to choose among these parameters:

  • ASSETS, what do you want to trade

  • UP or DOWN, the direction you think the market will go

  • SIZE, how much you want to trade

Pricing and Liquidity

Once you have set your parameters, hit on the "Refresh Quote" button. This will trigger a request for quote for the given trade.

In simple terms, the application is signalling the willingness of a user to trade a given contract. This request will be streamed to several market participants which will be able to accept the trade and provide a quote.

In just a few seconds, you will see a price appearing on the screen and if you are happy with that price you can hit on the "Trade Now" button and the trade is started!

Trade Summary

Once you hit the "Trade Now" button, the smart contract will initialise the trade.

You will be requested to sign 3 transaction, which correspond respectively to the creation of the instrument, the opening of the trade and the deposit of amount of the buyer.

Please keep in mind that on Solana, you need to pay the "rent" every time you open an account (also known as a trade). Therefore, a small fee will be deducted for that. This amount is not taken by the protocol and will be fully refundable in the future upgrade of the smart contract.

Once the trade is funded, you will be redirected automatically on the Trade Summary page. Check the next page for further details.

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